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Wettest year on Record for the UK

We have seen very depressing statistics in the news in the last couple of weeks which confirms what we probably already knew; that 2012 has been the wettest year for the UK on record. Throughout the entire year we have seen many difficulties in towns which are close to rivers, as heavy rainfall has forced riverbanks to burst.

Particular areas which have experienced a lot of rain in the past couple of weeks include Devon and the West Coast of England.

It is not only those areas where riverbanks have burst which are affected by the weather. In fact, areas of the UK have found it very difficult to keep their children and families safe during the very wet conditions which the weather has presented us with. Homes need to be heated as people are unable to leave their properties, and children need to be kept entertained and busy as they are unable to go outside in the rain.

It is important for many homeowners and families across the affected areas to keep their spirits up. Despite it being a very wet and difficult time of year, you should not let the rain dampen your spirits because there are many things you can do in the home which allow you to stay safe and keep your spirits up.

Some advice includes the following:

  1.     Keep sandbags ready - just in case. It is important even if you are not in a particularly risky area for floods that you keep sandbags close by, just in case the water does begin to rise. You should then place these around the front door of your home or business so that water is unable to get into the house.
  2.       Keep the house warm. You could keep the house warm by keeping your home on a low continuous heat, so that everyone is able to stay warm and comfortable. Another idea could be to get a wood-burning stove or coal from a cost supplier. Coal suppliers are able to provide you with a large amount of coal for a cost-effective price that allows you to keep your home warm during the winter months.
  3.     Get your roof checked. Make sure that you get your roof checked and replace any tiles that appear to be broken or missing.