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Smokeless Fuel – The Benefits

Smokeless fuels have many benefits and are fast becoming a popular source of fuel for households across the UK.

Smokeless fuels were originally designed to do just that - create less smoke. The aim was to achieve smoke free areas across Britain because they are better for the environment than other fuels, such as coal. This improves the air quality because there are less carbon emissions sent out into the atmosphere. This in turn improves health as people will be less likely to contract asthma or hay fevers with a smokeless fuel burning. This is because the chimney circulates the air efficiently and removes polluted air.

Smokeless fuels have other benefits too, such as being highly cost effective. This is a bonus for many people who are looking to make cut backs. With utility bills rocketing over recent months, smokeless fuels provide families with a more cost efficient method of heating a home.

Smokeless fuels also burn 40% longer than coal, which means you don’t have to keep changing the fuel so often and have as many coal bunkers to store your coal in.

Finally, the joy of having a real fire in your home is a look and feel that many people want to return to. It offers a rustic, warming glow to any home and is the reason why many people choose to switch to this heating method. Installing a smokeless fire isn’t a hassle, either. In fact, it can be put into any existing fire or chimney or even in a standalone heater within the room.