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How To Get Your Coal Stove Started

Getting your coal stove started may prove difficult but here are some expert tips.

You need to keep in line with each of the steps below, to ensure you are providing the right amount of coal and to maintain an even temperature after the coal has been lit. If not carried out correctly the coal stove will be extinguished.

To begin, do not jump ahead and place hardwood into the coal stove, it is essential that you only use completely DRY paper and kindling when starting and only once these are lit and burning should you begin to add small pieces of hardwood.

In order for the stove to reach and maintain the right temperatures it is important that the draft control point is kept fully open - this can usually be found at the base of the stove. Once the wood has been added allow embers to be produced from it, once done you can begin to place small amounts of coal from your coal bags or coal bunkers into the stove.

It is also important that you add the right amount of coal or else it will be far more difficult to ignite, as not enough air is circulating in order to cause a draft. Therefore you should consider adding small amounts of the coal gradually until about 1 or 2 inches of well burning coal has been lit.

Once you have an already established flame, you can add more coal to the stove.

So that you are kept warm, it is crucial you fill the stove with coal up to its fullest, as the deeper the bed of coal the better it will function.

However you will not need to run this continuously just because you have a vast amount of coal in the stove, you are able to regulate the temperature to your own accord by reducing the amount of air being allowed to flow through.

Make sure that the draft control point remains open until the coal is well lit and showing blue flames. However never leave this part of the stove fully open for long lengths of time as it can cause internal damage and as we’re on the subject of damage also remember to keep the ash pan shut at all times unless in need of emptying and as clear as it may seem wait until the stove is cold - for your safety.

Another important point to mention when lighting your coal stove, do not attempt to light when the outside temperature has fallen below 55 degrees as the chimney will not be able to develop enough draft.