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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Coal Fuels and Wood Burning Stoves

Choosing the right fuel for your heating needs can be difficult, because it can have a major impact on both your finances and your energy footprint. Our FAQ page should help you to answer some basic questions.

Why choose Cheshire Town and Country Fuels?

Cheshire Town and Country Fuels is the Northwest's premier fuel purveyor. The range of coal products we can supply includes prepacked coal , smokeless fuel, logs, sticks, wood burners, coal fuel bunkers and fireside accessories. These are always offered at competitive prices for every customer.

What fuel is right for heating my home?

Every home is different, with unique requirements. To efficiently ventilate your home you need the right fuel otherwise your house could suffer with mould and damp. When contacting us, a member of our team will be able to pinpoint the best coal types for your property.

Will the right fuel save me money?

Choosing coal or smokeless fuels instead of traditional heating methods like central heating could save you money. This is because if you purchase the right kind of fuel for your requirement, you can act economically and save energy. This in turn can deliver long term savings to your pocket.

Does the right fuel have health benefits?

Medical research has proven that by choosing the right fuelling products for your home, you can reduce the risk of suffering from asthma or allergies because the building is ventilated properly, with a healthy supply of fresh air.

How will my fuel be delivered?

After purchasing fuel we always guarantee regular deliveries so you can receive your coal product quickly. We especially deliver local coal to areas such as Crewe, Congleton, Knutsford, Sandbach, Macclesfeild and Wilmslow.