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Coal Products and Fireside Accessories in Poynton

Fireside Accessories Explained

Fireside accessories are popular because they can add a real decorative effect to a fireside. They can also serve practical purposes, which means that they give you the best of both worlds.

Here is a list of some of the most common fireplace accessories which you might be interested in:

Fireplace screens. You have probably already seen fireplace screens in the past, many have been used to help keep children or pets away from fire. Fireplace screens can also be highly decorative, but you can also find fireplace screens which are stunningly designed as well as fully functioning, perhaps they might have built indoors or sliding screens.

Fireplace shovels and pokers. Fireplace accessories such as fireplace shovels and pokers are important for your fireside tools. They can help you especially if you have a wood-burning fireplace, as they allow you to shovel the ash from the fireplace grate and remove it. You might also want to invest in a broom, so that you can sweep the ash and make it a clean fireplace. A poker will help you to safely rearrange all of the logs and fuel in the fire, so that you can create more efficient flames.

Fireplace buckets and bins. Buckets and bins are important because they are practical items which will serve your fireplace well. A bucket will allow you to store the wood mix of the fireplace. Some of these are fashionable looking, so they can blend with the decor of your room. You might also want an ash bin by the fireside. This allows you to keep any of the swept ash which you might not want to dispose of outside each and every time you go to sweep the ash. These come in various sizes and prices.

Bellows. A bellow will blow air into the flame. You've probably seen these on old fashioned films, and as such many people have them in their homes due to the nostalgia which they conjure up. Blowing air onto the fire allows the fire to burn more brightly and adds oxygen to the fire so that it can stay alight for much longer. This is a much simpler way of adding air to the fire, which many people do by mouth.

When you decide to purchase your fireplace accessories, make sure that you distinguish between what you need in terms of practicality and what you need decoration. If you need items that are practical, you must make sure that they are designed to work and will last. You might need to spend a little extra money on this, but it will be worth it and will serve you well when lighting fires.

Many Poynton based homes have benefited from Cheshire Fuels’ wide range of products – from smokeless fuel and multi-fuel stoves to fireside accessories for your every need.