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Coal Products and Fireside Accessories in Nantwich

Choosing Your Fuel

Depending of the type of stove you have, or are looking into buying, there are many different types of fuel available for each.

Wood burning stoves are popular as they add style and effective heat output to any home. If you have a wood burning stove, there are many different types of woods that will allow you to experience a good burn as well as a pleasant smell in some cases.

Some of the best woods include Pear and Apple. One of the benefits of Apple is that it burns slowly but does not spit - and it gives off a nice smile at the same time. Ash is another good type of fuel because it has a good heat output and steadily burns. Cedar is one other type of wood fuel - it doesn't look as impressive when it burns, however it does create a lot of heat. Maple is an excellent all-round performer when it comes to fuel and is a good choice if you are not sure which wood fuel to buy.

Some people who are particularly eco-friendly like to buy eco-logs. This is a log that is created from compressing sawdust very tightly together. Eco-logs don't spark and are very low in moisture, but some people do find that they are beneficial to their wood-burning stove and their carbon footprint.

If you're looking to burn wood, it is important that you choose wood that has not been treated with any varnish or paint. This could affect the burn considerably. It might either not burn at all or it would burn too much. Unseasoned wood or wood that is from poisonous fern would also not be suitable. In a wood-burning stove you should also not consider burning anything like coal. The stove is specific for wood, and any other kind of fuel could harm the function of the stove.

You can also buy multi fuel stoves if you feel that you would prefer to burn fuels like coal. These kinds of stoves are best suited to fuels that have a high level of thermal output when burnt. You might choose coal, anthracite or smokeless fuels.

There are also many different sizes of stove you can buy depending on the size of your house and the kind of heat output you wish to achieve. It is best to speak to an expert if you are not sure which one would be suitable.

Buying your fuel in bulk can be a cost-effective solution, however it is important that you have good storage solutions in your property to keep it in optimum condition for use. Otherwise, the fuel can become damaged and storing them can be dangerous. If you're looking to buy coal products in Nantwich, whatever your needs, contact Cheshire Town and Country Fuels today for more information.